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Peggy Martin


Peggy Martin


Ms. Martin specializes in helping individuals navigate challenging life transitions, such as grief, relocation, new marriages, divorces, and other stressors that arise when life takes unexpected turns. Drawing on her extensive experience, she has developed a unique approach to discovering the inner resources necessary for positive change.

Over the years, Ms. Martin has been actively involved in various fields, including Equine Sports Psychology, Sports Psychology, and developing strategies to address smoking cessation and other addictive behaviors. Her expertise extends to working with sports teams, including the Texas Christian University Women's golf team, Abilene High Volleyball team, and Abilene High Tennis team.

In her earlier years, Ms. Martin served as a counselor at the Serenity House and the Care Unit, an addiction treatment center located in Hendrick Medical Center. Her commitment to helping individuals goes beyond addressing immediate concerns; she is passionate about guiding individuals towards the discovery of their inner strength, determination, and desires, often hidden within themselves. Uncovering these attributes has become a central focus and goal of her practice.

As we all harbor hopes and dreams, Ms. Martin believes that the key lies in finding the strength, determination, and desire within us, even when we may be unaware of their presence. This commitment to self-discovery is at the heart of her practice, as she continues to empower individuals to realize their untapped potential.


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