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Freddie Wagner


Freddie Wagner

M.Ed. LSC, Educational Diagnostician

As a childhood cancer survivor, Freddie’s parents never knew if he would be able to see. Cancer had taken his right eye and started on his left before he started kindergarten. This greatly impacted his early education and later would affect his decision to work with special needs children. His own physical struggles have given him a unique view of disabilities and how they impact learning. He received frontal lobe radiation as part of his treatment, which is linked to ADHD and depression. As he has aged and grown in his understanding of how the brain work, these areas have become his superpowers instead of deficits. In his work, he hopes to inspire, motivate, and encourage children that struggle.

Freddie offers:

Cognitive and Achievement Testing for Learning Disabilities
Dyslexia Screening
ADHD and Behavioral Assessments 
Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator
Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator

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